Silverton Mountain

Get ready for a unique lift-served ski adventure!

Silverton Mountain is the sister Colorado operation of Silverton Guides. The chairlift-accessed skiing is similar to a cross of heli-skiing experience, snow cat skiing, and resort skiing, but really unlike anything else in the country. You will be accessing up to 1,819 acres of backcountry type terrain via chairlift and without the big crowds signature to other ski areas.

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“Silverton Mountain is pretty close to the most pure skiing experience one can find today, an epic mountain, bountiful snowfall (the deep and light Colorado kind!), and none of the distractions of other ski areas (crowds!).” – Chris Davenport, Professional Skier and Red Bull athlete, Aspen, Colorado

There are no groomed runs and no cut trails, just loads of nature’s finest black diamond skiing in the U.S.A

If you plan to go with a guide be sure to check out the Guided Skiing Page. If you prefer to go on your own during the unguided season, don’t miss the Unguided Skiing Page.