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Meet Your Silverton Guide: Maria Kallman

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Silverton Guides prides itself by employing some of the best heli skiing guides in the industry. With no fewer than a dozen well qualified and experienced guides dedicated to heli skiing and snowboarding, we’re sure that you’ll have someone get you in the helicopter and down the slope with a smile on their face the entire time. Many of our guides have extensive experience with heli skiing and snowboarding in Alaska, both with our sister operation, Silverton Mountain Guides, and with other operations as well.

Maria Kallman

Maria has been a guide for over 7 years with Silverton Guides.  When she’s not guiding, she works full time as a Physician’s Assistant in the ER. She is a complete expert at making sure your group will have as much fun as humanly possible!

How long have you worked at Silverton Guides? This is my 8th year with Silverton Mountain, and my 7th year with Silverton Guides. This is my 4th season part-time, as I am also a Physician Assistant in the emergency department in Grand Junction.

What do you love about Silverton Guides? I love facilitating challenging, eye opening, FUN outdoor experiences for people in the spectacular San Juan mountains. The dynamic nature of the guiding requires critical thinking and maximal situational awareness at all times due to countless changing variables including snow, weather, and terrain nuances that take a lifetime to learn, plus the group dynamics, skier abilities, and physical challenge.  Above all, what keeps me coming back each year is the team I work with, what I consider to be the Silverton family.

What is your favorite thing about skiing? How else would we experience the beautiful exhilarating winter mountain environment? Skis allow us to move around an otherwise impenetrable environment with such ease and speed. And the feeling of flying…

Describe your favorite memory of guiding at Silverton. I have too many great memories to pick a favorite, but just last weekend I was on a run and came upon a flock of ptarmigans. Then, on literally the same run skiing out the road on the backside I scared off a coyote. Where else do you get to see wildlife like that at a ski area?

silverton guides, silverton heli, colorado heli skiing, women heli skiing

Maria after another great day!

Ready to ski with Maria? Call or email today to book your Private Ship or High Flyer Package and be sure to request Maria Kallman to be your guide.

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